Friday, February 4, 2011

a little bit of stitch

The figures in my latest pieces have gained some extra colour this week. I could have played safe and done this in some compatible colour but instead felt I needed to add a zing and there is no better way to do this than by making an unexpected choice. So I used an apricot / orange colour. I think it works.

And I have added some stitch! I do very little stitching (actually none) these days but getting out the needles and threads seemed very familiar. Not much, but a couched cord on top of each of the steps. The cord is appropriate for the eventual final application, when everything else is completed.

This week I have finally got to mount my previous piece 'Dis-cord' which got completed, except for the mounting, just prior to Christmas. After getting it applied to a painted canvas backing, I took it to a local canvas manufacturer to get the eyelets / grommets done. They were able to do this while I made a lengthy visit to my dentist (yes, another capping!). When I collected my piece the receptionist commented that she, and her work companion, found this piece very 'spooky'. This did not offend me, but instead I felt it was a compliment. This piece is not a 'nice' piece, it was not intended to be such, so her 'spooky' response confirmed to me that it was working. If you wish to re-visit this piece, and my comments about it, you can do so by clicking on Dis-cord.


  1. I love the colour palette in this piece.

  2. I like the couched cord on the steps. It makes the figures look more grounded. And I would not have used the word "spooky" about the Dis-cord piece, but it is certainly extremely powerful. Makes my spine tingle whenever I look at it. It definitely works!

  3. good choice of color for the zing!