Monday, February 7, 2011

High Risk

Taking risks is par for the course as far as I am concerned. One never knows what exactly will happen and yes, there can be disasters but on the whole I think most things are worth a try.

This week I experimented with dropping drips of paint from a height on to paper, then fabric. Getting the consistency of the paint right needed to be sorted first, then the trial on paper, then on to fabric. I tried making the drops initially while standing on a chair then, because I am tall, just holding the dispenser up high and dripping. I like the result on the paper but because the fabric is absorbent it didn't spread quite so much. However, I still liked the result.

Trial on paper.

Then on to previous sampling on fabric.

Then it was a tense moment as I dripped over my two house pieces. Once dry I connected the drops with a tangerine running stitch (yes, more stitching!).


  1. Scary! I guess you could take the "worst case scenario" out by masking - but that'd take some of the randomness out too... Looking good!

  2. I believe experimentation and chance are the life blood of an exciting studio practice. Love that you shared your exploration.

  3. I love exploring with drops! Fun stuff, eh? But who would have thought of connecting the dots with embroidery?.....only you Diana! LOL Great job!!


  4. Hi Diana,
    Experimenting is good and these turned out really neat!
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