Friday, January 14, 2011

New toy...

A couple of weeks ago I purchased myself a new toy. It is a netbook, a mini laptop. I want to use this for a specific purpose, and I don't need a full blown, this-can-do-everything type of machine. It is not to replace my larger, more efficient computer.

I am rapidly getting used to the smaller keyboard and the touch mouse and I are in training. I can take this machine anywhere, it is powered by battery as well as the mains.

It is small, note pen at front.

Because I will be moving it around, taking it away with me etc, I felt it needed a carrier bag. I could purchase one for about NZ$40 but hey, we artists can do anything! One of my art pieces worked while I was searching for a new direction, seemed about right. It didn't have a future, but it now has one as the front of the bag. The face is that of Frida Kahlo, my inspiration and mentor - very appropriate....

Me and my netbook getting acquainted while in Rotorua.

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