Friday, November 5, 2010


Things are underway on my latest piece and I have been putting down some background dye colours.

My wonderful brush 15cm / 6" wide - it seems to contain lots of power!

A couple of colours, fairly random at this point. The painting going over the masking tape. Colours blended with clear water after painting.

The addition of the gold looks a bit of a mess but these colours will be over-dyed eventually. Both these photos are still at an odd angle...

And a couple more photos from the Chatham Islands.

Mixed messages. Life's necessities!

The famous Chatham Islands Forget-me-not, unique to the Islands.


  1. Hi Diana

    I have been enjoying the Chathams photos. It looks like such a wild and beautiful place. Hopefully I can visit one day.

    In your photos of progress on your piece it looks as if your dyes are not thickened at all. Is this correct? If they are not thickened do the painted lines hold any shape or are they totally merged in the end?

  2. Hi Elizabeth: yes the dye is thickened with Manutex (sodium alginate) but is still fairly runny ie it would be too runny to screen print with. However, painting over the painted dye with clear water helps to spread/blend which is what I wanted.

  3. I loved your comment regarding power in the brush. Painting with dye is so different from paint that it can be disappointing. Having a "powerful" brush is certainly a plus.