Monday, September 27, 2010


More progress this week and I feel I am now reaching that almost-finished stage. As these pieces are not pre-planned, I regularly sit back and contemplate the where-to-next. During my contemplations I will list the ideas and progresses that I feel will take the piece further, probably three or four each time. Sometimes I find that only two or maybe three are used; some ideas just don't seem to be appropriate after the others have been done. I like being totally involved and challenged until the end by working this way. I am incapable of following a pre-determined plan, recipe or pattern. Am I alone in this!

I wanted to add some detail to the lower portion so masked off the area. Looks a bit rough but it worked! I brushed and scrapped textile paint/pigment on to plastic, then turned it over and printed (mono-printing) over the masked area.

Here it is with the masking removed.

Small detail. Above is the left side.


  1. You are not alone in thinking of processes to add at the end, I do that also. Some time I will make a list of all the processes I know, because I forget what I can do. You would think that as your looking at the piece the perfect process comes to mind, but I have had to walk around my studio and look at what I have to figure out what I want to do!

  2. I totally agree with what you and Karen are saying! I thought I was the only one who felt that way! While I often map out my strategy, I find that I cannot stick to it as I progress in the piece! Phew: I'm glad I'm not alone!

    Great piece, Diana!