Monday, June 7, 2010


Since completing my latest piece last week, I have been doing some 'housework' in the studio. This means that I have been cleaning up and making my work surfaces vacant for when I start the next piece (see photos).

I have disposed of any unused dye mixes, made sure all the equipment is clean, and washed the drop-cloth on my large printing table. I am always reluctant to tidy up as I go, or tidy up too soon, just in case I need to return to check something out. The unused dyes would have become inactive but then I could, if required, use them as a reference to match a colour or mix up more. Design scribbles are glued into my workbook, but not the failed scribbles! Paper and freezer paper templates are thrown out or saved for recycling.

Finally I have documented my latest piece, using a format which includes size, date, inspiration, materials used etc. This is really essential and a godsend when this information is required at a later date; it certainly saves on getting the work out again. The final job is to get the piece professional photographed, and I usually like to take two or three pieces at a time.

And now it is on to thinking about the next piece. And that is chiefly what I do, think, and then think some more. Occasionally some reference is jotted into my workbook but mostly it goes on in my head.

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  1. What a good thing to do on a wet weekend! I am definitely looking forward to seeing the results of the next "thinking"!