Friday, June 4, 2010


My latest piece is now finished, and mounted. I am very pleased with the result. I would love to show you the whole piece but am reluctant to do so just in case I wish to submit it to an exhibition, where whole images must not have been seen on the Internet. The inspiration was, of course, Peru!

© Diana Parkes 2010, A Sense of Place; 133cm x 188cm / 52.5" x 74"; silk/linen and cotton cloth; dye, discharge, textile pigment

In this piece I have used the four letters, one in each corner, which spell out INCA but with the N reversed. This was the starting point for this piece. According to my research, a prominent Inca leader learnt how to read and write after the Spanish arrived but somehow he reversed the N's in all his written works. Whether this was deliberate or unintentional it is not known but it was interesting to see it continued today in Peru on major signage and branding etc.

Mounting this piece on the border-painted canvas backing looks great. The eyelets (grommets) worked out well too. I got these done at a local canvas goods maker / repairer and whereas I thought they would be brass, I was offered black eyelets and responded 'yes, please!' They have all sizes and were very cheap to get done. Very small eyelets eg. shoe lacing size, are best done at a shoe repairers.

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  1. Looks great from what you've shown - hope you get to exhibit it.