Thursday, February 4, 2010

Screening the two strips

My silk/linen fabric order from Thai Silks, USA, has arrived. It took just six days from ordering to its arrival here in NZ. Definitely no complaints there. As I rolled it on to a cardboard tube I contemplated how all this lovely white fabric might end up, all transformed into something stunning (or not!?).

There has been more progress on my two long strip pieces.

Here I have placed my very large silk screen over the two strips. The strips themselves are covered with pieces of glass (edges taped for safety) and the frame is just a few millimetres or fractions from the glass. Viewing the design already on the strips I can reliably paint on the screen with a dye wash.

Once the dyes on the screen had dried I lifted the screen off so that I could remove the glass pieces. I sometimes wonder whether I will ever forget to do this, and screen everything on to the glass!

Here is the screen after screening with a dye colour mixed with sodium alginate (manutex).

More next blog.....

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  1. Lookin' good Diana!
    Don't you love Thai Silks prompt service!