Sunday, February 14, 2010

Autumn Footprints

I have now completed my Autumn Footprints piece. Apart from getting two small brass eyelets at the top of each piece that is. Although I can 'do' eyelets, some do go wonky so I am going to take these pieces to a local canvas goods maker for a quality job.

I am rather pleased with this diptych. If you recall they use left-over pieces of cloth from previous projects. This presented restrictions which I may not have considered if I had more cloth available. I like the narrowness. I decided to go with the fact that one piece was shorter, and I like this too.

This project reminded me that tailors used to call their left-over scraps 'cabbage'. If they were very clever they could make another garment from these pieces and therefore claim more profit. This was not my intention but any irregular pieces of discarded cloth will now get more consideration than in the past.

2010 ©Diana Parkes, AUTUMN FOOTPRINTS, dye and pigment on silk, size (overall) 107cm x 27cm /42" x 10".

These pieces are lined with a red silk.


  1. This may be my favorite project ever! It really speaks to me. Congratulations on a wonderful art work.

  2. Thank you Suzan. I enjoyed doing it!

  3. I have mixed feelings about doing projects with limitations like this. I am in two challenge groups and in one we interpret a photo, which is relatively easy for me, as I can be as literal or abstract as I want. In the other, we have to work with a certain color scheme, which I find very frustrating, although I suppose I'm "growing" in some way! Would you do this again if the opportunity arose? I like the way you left one piece shorter than the other also, keeps your eye moving.

  4. Hi Karen: Yes, I think I would if the occasion arose. I think the difference is that it was self-imposed while such approaches in a group situation leave me cold!