Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going dotty....

My next work is to feature dots. I find the concentration of a single unit quite restrictive so aim to loosen things up a bit. Earlier this week, without much direction in mind, I worked with dots on paper. Sometimes just making a start, however vague, gets the ideas flowing. Some of the initial ideas may get abandoned and it is important not to regards these as a waste of time. Everything, whether eventually used or not, is of value, and should be regarded as part of the journey.

The outcome of my exercise, paper and felt pen.

I made a cartoon of the original dots to match the size of the silk screen I wished to use. The cartoon was placed under the screen which was supported on small blocks so that the screen and cartoon did not touch. I started painting in some of the areas with a dye and water mix (Procion MX).

A second and third colour have been added. These colours, at this stage dry on the screen, look very weak but I know they will be stronger when printed. The overlapping of the colours around the dots also made very nice halos which aren't visible in the photo.

The final colour added.

Now.... to be continued....

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  1. how interesting! I can't wait to see where you go with this!