Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Upgraded Website

In October last year I cancelled my professional website which I considered to be quite expensive for my then needs. It was a left-over from my business. I had been able to manage the content of this website for quite sometime so had quietly accumulated some skills in website management. I then decided to build my own website using one of those free online website building programmes, and commenced what was nothing short of a major learning curve.

I have always thoroughly enjoyed twiddling on the computer and making new discoveries. In building my own website however, I had heaps to discover and manage. I did my best, and was relatively happy when I got everything on line. I left it at that point and occasionally returned to add/delete stuff etc.

As with most things, time moves on and we learn more and our skills improve until there comes a point when we look back and decide that things need an upgrade. It has been much easier this time as the original website structure is there, and just needed to be enhanced further. And when things don't work as planned I knew where to look, and hopefully correct an error I had overlooked... well, to be honest, it may have taken a couple of attempts!

I am feeling quite pleased with my efforts, I hope to add more after my exhibition opening this coming week. In the meantime you might like to have a peek Perhaps in another year I will be ready to upgrade again!

My new home page.

The older I get I find that most things need to be upgraded, or at least revisited, on a fairly regular basis. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and one can only hope that it is all positive. It would be a shame to ignore this and stay in a comfort zone. Our creative work needs the same approach as we get fresh ideas, new confidence in our own abilities, and the guts to give something new a go. It doesn't matter if it is not altogether successful, but it should spur us on to do our best. A success may not be entirely as we originally intended; the outcome may be even better, opening up new thoughts and opportunities. So, go for it everyone!

This is all very deep for a mild and overcast Saturday afternoon in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, but hey, why not.


  1. Thank you for this Diana. I am thinking about lurching into a blog and feel somewhat overwhelmed. I shall persevere!!!!

  2. Sorry I meant a web site!!!!