Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final Deliveries

Today I delivered the final pieces for my exhibition to the gallery. I suppose I should be feeling a sense of relief that I have got to this point, and probably I am. However, there is still more to come. By that I mean that I have yet to see my work hung in the gallery and we all know how this can make or break an exhibition. However, I have total faith in the curator. I have given her very few criteria as I would like her to interpret the presentation with her own artistic abilities. From what I have seen so far of previous exhibitions, she is very capable! It pays not to be too precious about these things. It is, of course, a joint venture between artist and gallery.

The major part of my exhibition! It doesn't look much but there are 14 wall pieces in the car ready for their journey to the gallery. They are rolled around cardboard yardage rolls covered in wadding, two or three on a roll, then wrapped in a covering cloth. The gallery already has other pieces pertaining to the exhibition.

Single figures now - nine days to go to the opening!

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