Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back home again

I am now back again after the Hamilton Craft and Show. Certainly a busy event with many many people moving through, especially on the Thursday. The numbers always seem to decline as the event comes to a close and on Sunday, not surprisingly, so do the sales! However it was a good event and it was lovely to see and speak to so many people that I know. Some said they actually followed this blog so that was extra nice!

Here are a couple of photos of my stall.

I have almost sorted and packed everything away again and am ready for that final spurt towards my solo exhibition. Only another 39 days to go now; gosh, where does all that time go! Being away with a change of focus certainly was beneficial; I am already back working on a piece just started before I went away. Below is the beginning of what could quite well be one of a diptych. My large screen was placed over the bath with some cold water in it. I then poured dye solution over the screen - very hands on is this! The excess dye drained into the water below (and no the dye doesn't stain the bath). When the screen was dry, it was screened on to the fabric.


  1. was your screen wet? was that print paste with dye added that you poured over the screen? I'm intrigued!!!

  2. The screen was dry, and the dye solution had no print paste in it but it did have the soda ash (see subsequent blog). As it was very runny it allowed the dye to flow and spread with abit of jiggling.