Monday, July 6, 2009

Art Cloth v Fabric Lengths

I have now finished the fabric length I have shown over the last couple of blogs. I have added some more text and it seems to have balanced the whole length. The text is from a photo sensitive silk screen I prepared sometime ago and it has become quite useful. I used the words Figures In the Mist which are somewhat vague and romantic at the same time. I prepared the original with different fonts and font sizes, and when screening I am able to select portions.

This is a sample print from the whole screen

The completed fabric length, 2 metres x 112cm wide (2yds6in x 44in)

A detail from the completed fabric length

Giving titles to the type of work we do is important. I concentrate on two areas ie. my art pieces (WholeCloth Banners) and hand-dyed fabric lengths (Uppity Fabrics). Often a length of hand-dyed fabric is refered to as Art Cloth but I consider Art Cloth and my fabric lengths to be quite different. Both are lengths of fabric but whereas an Art Cloth is usually displayed and seen as a whole piece, a fabric length needs to be envisaged as made into a garment ie cut pieces draped, seamed, tucked with darts etc, and of course must be capable of laundering.
Pricing of my fabric lengths is always difficult. I nolonger just consider the amount of fabric in a piece ie width and length, or the type of fabric (usually silk) but how many dye applications there has been, and how complicated each was to do. In other words, it is the time and skill spent on producing the length that dictates the price.

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