Thursday, June 18, 2009

SDA Workshop

Below are some of the samples I did in Kerr Gabowski's workshop, Working in a Series, at the Surface Design Association conference. These are being published with Kerr's permission. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and feel I have added much more to my skills and knowledge. I fully recommend a workshop with Kerr who is a giving and fun tutor.

I have now filed all my notes and samples into this folder covered with one of the pieces I did in the workshop

This piece, and the following three are based on the same design but achieved in various ways. All pieces are 18x18cm /7"x7".

I also worked with other designs, three of which are shown here.

And, with nothing to do with the above, I thought I would share this experience with you. When visiting many museums and art galleries one usually receives a floor map of the venue and what is currently on show. Now, I am not suggesting that my normal sense of direction is excellent, far from it, but on several occasions in Canada I became completely bewildered as to what space I was in and where I was heading. Then, one time I found I was holding the map up-side-down and suddenly it all made sense, so from then on I continued to read the maps this way, much to my amusement. My only explanation, not scientifically proven, is that I am from the other side of the Equator and that this had befuddled my normal map reading skills. You will be relieved to know that I did not do any driving in Canada.....


  1. So great to meet you and share a table with you in KC!! You do such fine, fine work!!!
    I loved your map reading story! I have no directional sense and it has nothing to do with the equator!


  2. Good Morning Diana,

    I wonder if it's the "right side - left side" brain thing . . . the part of the brain that does logic is far far removed from the creative part - you were in creative mode!
    . . that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!