Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surface Design Association conference

In a few days I will be off overseas again to attend the Surface Design Association Conference in Kansas City, MO, followed by a week in Canada. I also attended the SDA conferences in 2005 and 2007. It is very costly for me to attend these events from New Zealand but I find the conferences totally inspiring and I would be miserable if I didn't attend. The experience 'feeds' me for another two years. I see such amazing examples of surface design and share this all with some wonderful people who I now consider friends.
I will be attending a pre-conference workshop with Kerr Grabowski and a post-conference workshop with Els Van Baarle. I really admire the work of these two artists so am looking forward to learning from them. I shall have lots to share with you when I return.
The Surface Design Association is well worth joining. It has 4000+ members internationally. It is the most well organised and informative association I know of, well up-to-date with technology and services. Membership includes four inspiring magazines a year, hard-copy newsletters, plus monthly e-newletters.

And now just a quick peek at where that dyed band I showed you last blog has been used. Once again I am avoiding showing the whole piece until after it has been exhibited publically. I am planning an installation of five exaggerated garments, all of which are constructed from plain calico (muslin) and each with some portions coloured and patterned using a navy blue Procion MX dye. They are to be suspended in space and all will have one other added common factor to humour.


  1. Have a wonderful time Diana! I hope you blog all your news and learnings when you get back.

  2. Hi Diana,
    Just wanted to drop by and tell you hello. It was so nice to meet you at the SDA conference and to sit across the table from you in Kerr's workshop.
    Hope you've had a pleasant time traveling around.