Friday, May 1, 2009

Re-visiting piece

During the last few days I re-visited my piece on the Three Brothers Tomb (Palmyra, Syria). It is always a good idea to put some pieces out to rest, and to get on with something else for awhile. It seemed to work this time and I have managed to move it on from 'blah...' to something with much more panache. I am now about to do the finishing.

Edges measured carefully and trimmed and ready for the hand rolled hems on the sides. Selection of threads to match the various colours in the piece. The top and lower hems will be machine stitched. The top hem will accommodate a clear perspec flat rod with nail holes already punched in either end. This becomes almost invisible when hung. The lower hem will have a strip of curtain weight secured within it. This piece has no lining, wadding or stitching, so the weight helps to make it hang nicely. It will measure about 125cm(length) x 100cm (49" x 39").

A couple of details of the piece. I will not be publishing the whole image as I prefer to wait until it has been exhibited in public.

The rata flowers outside my studio window.

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