Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carpet Makers

Today I am showing my new printing pad which I needed to sort so as to take the bigger printing blocks more successfully. When finished I can wash and change the top towelling layer and wipe down the plastic underneath. It works very well. Also I am nearly at the last of my Syrian/Egyptian photos; next week I will show a couple of my very favourites....

Basis of printing pad. A plastic tray (with pen to show size) and two pieces of thick foam trimmed to size.

All is covered with two layers of strong plastic which is taped securely underneath.

Covered with old towelling which has been secured underneath with safety pins.

Ready to start. Finished pad with printing block on top. Note that I have written 'horizontal' and 'vertical' on the top of the block; this may be obvious but it is easy to mis-print when doing a big piece.

Not a very good photo but shows used printing pad with sponge roller on top.

Printing using my two blocks shown in the previous blog, plus the sponge roller. Circles of freezer paper added to create resisted circles. These are part of a full circular skirt, printed as quarters using Procion MX dye and Manutex (sodium alginate).

We visited a carpet making workshop in Egypt. Young people start working here and usually continue for life. The carpets are all handwoven or hooked, and are quite spectacular.

At last, a clean and tidy workspace. Young apprentice in the foreground who will have attended morning school and then spend a few hours each afternoon in the workshop. He has a future.

This chappie has been in the carpet workshop since his early teens and has reached such an expertise that he is now entitled (by the Govt) to sign his carpets with his own name.

Next Blog: Favourite Photos

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