Sunday, August 7, 2011

I've done a shocking thing...

About two years ago I completed a large piece called Escape. At this time I was not totally sure whether I really liked the outcome or not, so it was put into storage for 'time out'.

Recently I had the idea that I might cut it up and turn it into a book, thus giving it a second life. I printed off a small photo of the piece and then ruled several size grids to match on pieces of tracing paper. This allowed me to choose an appropriate page size which would present the best outcome for each page.

The original piece on completion.

The printed image with a series of grids on tracing paper.

This is my first print of the piece but the black cartridge needed a shake-up so the colours have printed incorrectly. It doesn't matter here as I have used it to simply sort the sequence of the pages.

And then I started cutting out the pages.....


  1. I love your willingness to look outside the piece!!

  2. Gasp! you cut up your beautiful artwork!

    Can't wait to see what it becomes though!
    Thanks for being so daring!

  3. What a clever idea Diana! Although I love the original piece, I think you've been most courageous and ingenious!