Monday, January 24, 2011

Steady progress...

It is good to get back into regular routines and steady progress has been made this week. I have also re-jigged a corner of my studio. This involved dismantling a couple of very old storage units with a crowbar, chisel and hammer (a) because I couldn't get them out of the house on my own, and (b) they are to go to the refuse dump anyway. My portable printing table has now got a permanent place and I no longer have to remove it / return it on to my larger work table. I always feel that having the right work space is incredibly important, and adapting it over the years to suit current requirements is also important.

And now to my latest piece...

This is not a very good photo, it was taken just after I had screened colour on to my 'finished' pieces. I have masked off a motif in the centre of each and the colours are looking very strong as they are still wet.

I meant to take a photo of the pieces when washed and dry, and the masking removed, but got carried away with what I was doing, and forgot!

The next stage was to break up some of the background with discharge paste.

Nothing at all to do with my latest piece but Saturday night at dusk there was one of the strongest rainbows I had ever seen, and it reflected itself on to the misty rain that was creeping into the Hutt Valley.

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  1. I think I've missed a post or two, but I'm back! LOL Can't wait to see how this new piece evolves!

    What a fantastic rainbow! YIKES!!!