Thursday, April 8, 2010

Away again...

On Saturday April 10th I am off overseas again, returning April 27th. This time my journey is to Peru. I have not been to South America yet although I have been to Mexico but am not sure whether this counts. This is another journey with Lifestyle Journeys with whom I visited northern Spain in 2008.

Peru has always had a fascinating with me since I did a project in my final year at school (some decades ago!) where we had to study a country, its climate, people, geography etc. I chose Peru and somehow got very absorbed in producing my project. I even painted many of the illustrations instead of pasting in pictures etc. I got a mark of 39 out of 40. This project is the only item I have saved from my school days.

The cover of my project 1960.

This week I have washed all my dye rags and drop cloths so that on my return I will be able to get straight back into work.

I won't be able to blog while I am away but I plan to prepare one blog which should pop up sometime while I am away. I will be testing the system (or should that be me) with this possibility.


  1. What a wonderful treasure. Have a great trip.

  2. I just read about your trip on the travel website and it sounds wonderful. Drink lots of coca tea to help with the altitude and have a great time. This trip was one of our favorites.

  3. Have a wonderful time Diana. I am off on Saturday too, heading for Orange and a course with Kerr Grabowski. I am glad that your trip came together after all especially after all the mudslides etc they have had there.