Monday, December 13, 2010

More dyed silk

The wedding session must be nigh as I have dyed yet another length of silk for bridesmaids. Once again it was a silk georgette which I suspect is to be an overlay. I was given 13 metres / 14 yds which included extra for sampling.

The silk georgette was already a very pale pink but so pale that it did not have any affect on the dyeing. The swatch is the colour requested.

The sampling to achieve the right colour:

Left: a control sample to determine how the dye worked on this particular silk (silks can have a different makeup and resulting dye colours can vary). It also indicated that the depth of colour was too strong.

Middle: Dye quantity has been reduced by two thirds, and the one third of dye remaining had some of the red removed and a portion of a coral dye added.

Right: Final sample, as with the middle sample but the two dye quantity portions reversed. The colour swatch appears above.

Final outcome - not too bad really! Swatch sitting in centre.


  1. Not too bad at all. Absolutely brilliant!!

  2. It is amazing to me that you do this labor intensive, very precise work as your "other" job, besides being an artist who lets things unfold in front of her.

  3. As I wrote to you earlier, I knew I was behind in reading your posts, and now I can see how benefitial it will be for me to catch up!

    Thanks in advance for these posts Diana!