Friday, December 31, 2010

Did you know...

It is still the festive season, and high summer holiday time for many of us here in New Zealand. I am trying to take some time out but haven't succeeded just yet, however I feel the next few days will be more relaxed.

Herewith a couple or three 'did you know' facts that may interest you:

We all know of the fabric which we call corduroy, it being constructed with vertical ribs. But did you know where the name came from? Early temporary roads, particularly over soft ground, were made from laying logs of wood cross ways. There were called corduroys or cordways. I suspect this method is still used in appropriate circumstances. Also trousers made from corduroy are often referred to as 'cords'.

Why do we call trousers 'trousers' ie plural? In earlier times trousers were two separate garments ie one for the right leg and the other for the left leg. This could be cost effective if one leg became damaged!

And do you know why 'plus fours' (those shortened trousers worn traditionally by golfers where longer trouser legs may get caught up in the swing) are called plus fours? In earlier times men's underwear had longer legs than contemporary underwear, and this style of trouser was made four inches longer than the underwear, hence 'plus four'. One could also have 'plus eights'; and both are often made from corduroy.


  1. Happy New Year Diana.

    Thank you for the Did-you-knows . . . and I didn't! Isn't it lovely being the only ones left in Wellington, when all the idiots have gone - and so has the wind! Pure Bliss!

  2. well, I attempted to leave a comment a moment ago, but left your site before I gave the correct letter sequence, so the comment got trashed.
    I loved your explanation of the word derivations...such a fount of information are you! LOL Thank you!!

    Best wishes for a very happy, healthy, and incredibly creative 2011!