Friday, October 29, 2010

Trees and other stuff

Despite the fact that I have now been to five movies in six days (two National Theatre Live performances and three movies at the Italian Film Festival) I have been thinking a lot about my next piece and hope to make a start next week. I have made some notes and done another page in my latest workbook which helps the focus.

Quote: You can't do what you don't know if you keep on doing what you do know.

In the meantime, more about the Chathams where the landscape is low-lying and exposed to the surrounding seas. Strong winds are consistent and leave an influence on the trees.

These trees are the native ake ake which is a different cultivar to that on mainland New Zealand. The result of the winds is pretty evident!

I like the contrasts in a clump of trees, especially the 'wave' patterns when the wind blows.

The NZ Dept of Conservation (DOC) is very evident in the Chathams. They have a full-time staff of 16 which makes it the biggest ratio per population (580)within NZ. While we were in the Chathams they had a session on a remote seaside area, planting out 1500 ake ake tree seedlings. The school children (about 40 pupils), parents and their teachers, do such plantings once a year. We tourists decided to join them, and I planted about 30 trees. Perhaps I will return one day to see 'my' mature trees!

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  1. Love your pictures (especially the trees influenced by the high winds), but most especially I love that quote. It is so easy to return to what you do know, but it is very boring. Exploring what you don't know is so very exciting!

    Thanks for another great post Diana!