Monday, October 11, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't...

Something a bit different this week. Sometime ago I made a simple top out of a ribbed silk which I had dyed an amethyst colour. I decided it was too strong a colour for me so did some stitched resist (mokume shibori) before putting it through a vat dye bath. This system removes the original colour and replaces it with a new colour (green), all in one action - magic! Except I had not pulled up my stitch resists tight enough and very little contrasts happened, grrr..... It should have been green with amethyst resist patterns!

Not defeated, I then repeated the resists with very tight rubber bands, and over-dyed the top again in a deep purple. This turned the green an aubergine colour and what with the green resists, I am now happy with the outcome (actually it is better than what I had first anticipated!).

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