Friday, September 10, 2010

Creating spaces...

Quietly making progress on my new piece. Starting to create spaces and introduce some background colours.

First application...

... a wash of blue to further build on at a later date. Both photos taken at an angle.

And on another matter, every so often I get enthusiastic about sorting through 'stuff'. I do this for three reasons (a) things have gotten untidy, (b) I am bound to find something that I had forgotten I had and, (c) some stuff just needs to go....

In this current wave of enthusiasm I came across a diary, written in 1988 when I was attending Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deere Island, Maine, USA. This was a live-in, on site, three week experience. I took a workshop with Ana Lisa Hedstrom of Shibori fame. I have re-read this diary and thought I would share with you some of my comments written 22 years ago!

Ana Lisa Hedstrom's shibori garments are incredible, the weekend after attending Haystack I was in Chicago and met a woman who owned five of Lisa's garments! I was so impressed!

The Haystack kitchen was just about as famous as the learning environment. It introduced me to many new dishes that up until then I had not been familiar. I found the following comment in the diary would love a 'plain' cup of tea - there being available only herbal teas.

Photo from Haystack Mountain School of Craft's website.


  1. I own one of her garments and I adore it. For what I paid, I have asked to be buried in it!!

  2. Love the new colors in your piece! MMMMM! :-]

    Look forward to 'reading' more from your time at Haystack!