Friday, August 13, 2010

Reading matters

On my regular visits to the local library I always plan to collect three books to get me through the following weeks. One book at least must be about art or an art related topic. Last visit I borrowed a book on Marc Chagall 1887-1985, the Russian/French artist (with whom I share a birth date!). This week I have a book on Philip Clairmont 1949-1984, and another on Colin McCahon 1930-1977. Both are recognised New Zealand artists. Sometimes I just drift through the images in these books but often I read them as well. I am sure there is a rub-off with new approaches and ideas in my work.

Further progress on the latest piece. At this moment in time this piece is titled Connections and perhaps you will be able to see why with what I have done this week.

Rather difficult to see but I have masked off certain areas with freezer paper to accomplish the following....

The 'ladders' are drawn in freehand which meant I could sweep over the freezer paper without interrupting the flow.

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  1. now you've piqued my interest: I'll have to go look up Chagall's birthday! I love his work, don't you? and what a great idea to check out these art books!