Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiet weekend

I had a fairly quiet weekend here after having finished my latest piece. The final presentation of this piece will be decided sometime in the future, no rush to make a decision, it can wait. I plan to take it off my wall today and place it out of sight.

In the meantime I have been working on my annual major sort through and tidy up, of some of my stuff. It is spring time here and I seem to be hard-wired to do such things at this time of year. I will blog about some finds in the near future but in the meantime.....

Karen made a great comment on my last blog when I showed my completed piece Connections. She stated that she didn't always like what I was doing while I was working on it, but that when it was completed, she thought it was great!

I confess similar sentiments while working many of the stages a piece goes through. I do start with some sort of plan but this somehow moves over and I soon find myself going with the flow following each application. This allows me to concentrate on the unexpected, and to develop everything to a (hopefully) successful outcome.

I appreciate that this is not at all how we are meant to do things, but it is how I work and it keeps the piece alive, and challenging. I often describe it as painting oneself into the corner of a room, and then having to get out of it! The frustrations and love/hate relationships with a piece are part of the journey. I am stubborn, get bored very easily, so this way of working works for me.


  1. I have learned to trust and enjoy your process of adding layers!!

  2. I think this process of "finding the resolution" or "A resolution" is what keeps us interested. If we knew exactly how it was going to be resolved, we might not be so eager to get to work.