Friday, July 30, 2010

Works well....

My new display hanging system which I wrote about in my previous blog is working very well. Yes, I do have a sturdy chair for climbing on to reach the metal rod and by using the dog clips, when I want to remove the fabric I need only give it a gentle tug and it releases. No need to climb up again to remove.

I have however, made some wire 'S' hooks and can use these, instead of the dog clips, to hang a completed piece which does have the grommets. The grommets are always the very last thing to get done.

Now that I have this system operating I thought I would show you my previous piece completed before my latest piece (High Risers). I can now photograph the larger pieces more successfully. Both pieces are currently away at the photographers getting their 'proper' images taken.

© Diana Parkes 2010 A SENSE OF PLACE 188cm x 133cm / 74" x 53.5". Dyeing, discharge, printing and painting. Procion MX dyes, pigment, silk fabric, painted canvas mount.


  1. Absolutely superb! Thank you for showing us the whole piece.

  2. WOW, Diana that piece is stunning!!