Friday, July 16, 2010

Back to Work

I am now ready to mount the latest piece. Following on from the previous piece which I mounted on to a canvas backing with painted borders, I set out to select the colour for the border for this new piece. I purchased a couple of paint test pots but neither proved suitable. A third choice however seems right.

To help make my colour choice I paint a L shape on to a piece of canvas then place this under a corner of the completed work. Standing back and viewing critically I can refine my choice. Eventually I will probably have quite a collection of these corners, some rejected, and others chosen!

My selection of painted corners so far.

I rejected this colour as too 'cold'.

This one looks much better and is my choice, so I invested in a one litre tin.

Here is the prepared canvas with its first coat of border paint. It looks rather wrinkled but this will be ironed out before I mount my piece on to it.

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