Friday, April 30, 2010

Home again...

It is always great visiting amazing places overseas but coming home to that familiar environment called home always cuts to the heart. It is like landing in a large fluffy cushion of family and friends, and all that one holds dear. Especially after our return flights from Peru were complicated with one being cancelled and another delayed 10 hours!

Peru is a fascinating place with a great contrast in scenery, and the people are very friendly and helpful. I plan to show some photos in my next few blogs with some of my thoughts about what I saw.

I am already keen to get back into new work; time away and separation from one's creative environment certainly allows for reflection and determinations for the future. Where to start is the first challenge....

In the meantime, here are three photos from Peru:

My very first photo, at the Gold Museum in Lima (Museo de Oro del Peru). This was an internal courtyard and I love the complementary contrast of the red walls and green cacti.

I was surprised at the amount of desert in Peru. It seemed to be endless at times.

Further inland the countryside is more productive.

My tour was organised by Lifestyle Journeys.


  1. Welcome home, Diana!

    We're looking forward to following how you interpret your travels in fabric!

  2. What an amazing trip. Cannot wait to see how it impacts your art. Welcome back!

  3. I LOVE those pink walls! My grandfather had a home in Florida in the 1950s and many of the homes used pink and turquoise. Like living in a fairy world.

  4. I hope it was a wonderful trip and I'm looking forward to reliving it through your photos