Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not stuffed up yet....

A couple of 'pulling it all together' things have happened since last I blogged. I have added more colour to the centre row of spirals, followed by some black highlights. I then wanted a grid of printed dots so cut out squares from a piece of graph paper so that I wouldn't go out of alignment.

Graph paper in position and dots printed using a wine cork.

Details showing spiral additions and dots.

This week I received acceptance into the Changing Threads exhibition of contemporary fibre and textile art at The Refinery Artspace, Nelson. My successful submission is below and is from my Fibre Reactive solo exhibition last year. I loved the way it looked on the dark wall in Expressions.

© 2009 Diana Parkes, THE THREE SISTERS, dye and pigment on silk, overall size 46cm x 142cm / 18" x 56"
The exhibition is on at the Refinery Artspace in Nelson until 10 April and they promise to put the exhibition on their website so I will give you the details when this happens.


  1. Congrats on your acceptance into the Changing Threads exhibit. WooHoo!!
    Great idea: using the graph paper grid AND a wine cork for the circles! What a great piece you have going there Diana!


  2. Thanks for sharing your 'tool of choice" for the dots. Great idea and congratulations on your selection for Changing Threads.

  3. I helped hang the Three Sisters in Nelson last month. Hello, Clare Plug suggested I check your blog, and I'm loving what I see here, Diana.