Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting serious again

In New Zealand we are coming to the end of our annual summer holidays. Schools will be returning soon and radio/TV programmes are reverting to their normal routines after the alternative programmes which, I might say, I do enjoy. However, it is always good to get back into familiar routines, a very human thing perhaps. And our weather hasn't been too bad this week. Once again I am wondering whether summer has finally arrived, but then I have thought that many times over the last couple of months.

All this leads up to that I am about to start on some new work. I have of course been working since my exhibition last October/November, I have completed two in my series on well-known women artists, and have played with a few other things. But it is time to get serious again and prepare for happenings in 2010. I have now ordered more linen/silk fabric from Thai Silks, USA, as of all the silks I have used this heads the list as the favourite. As usual, Thai Silks has great customer service and within 24 hours I am informed that my shipment is on its way. It may seem extreme to get this fabric from such distant shores but it is unavailable here.

In the meantime I have been playing on some muslin/calico and although not intended as a 'proper' piece, there are a couple of segments which have worked okay.

These will probably be cut up and the best bits placed into a work book.


  1. I too love Thai Silks! In fact, I just had a call from them yesterday and my order is on its way. YAYYY! I love those pieces that you have posted on your blog. Sometimes it's just nice to putter in the studio, as I think that gives us more ideas for future work.
    We are bracing for an ice and snow storm this enjoy your summer Diana!