Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Dots....

Here I have painted the final bit on the blank silk screen. The fabric piece is placed under a sheet of glass (with edges taped for safety) and the screen is resting on small blocks on top of the glass. The fabric piece is visible through the screen and I can be quite specific where and what I paint on the screen.

This is the result of screening on the fabric - it fits perfectly (of course!).

The above photo is pretty good but in reality I have a little concern that the tonal values of the bottom bit are too close, particularly when viewed at a distance. To help me make a decision on this I photocopied this area using the 'grey scale'. It doesn't look too bad and I may just leave it. However, if I do decide to do something about it I can discharge the lower bottom area. The dots here are turquoise which is the only fiber reactive dye colour that will not discharge, but the blue background would become paler.

The tonal value photocopy.

I will put this piece away and think about it again in due course. This piece is the second in my series on well-known artists whose work I admire. And just in case you haven't worked out who this piece represents, it is the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who describes herself as 'the modern Alice in Wonderland'. As with my Frida Kahlo piece I am attempting to acknowledge their work and produce a hybrid using my own personal style and input.

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  1. This is looking good Diana - makes me want to get into my studio. A bit hot at present though.
    I like this process but haven't used it for a long time. You've inspired me to return to it.
    I enjoyed your print gallery too.