Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go the Train

I have just had a great pre-Christmas treat. On Wednesday I took the Overlander scenic train from Wellington to Auckland, a journey through the back country of the North Island of New Zealand which takes 12 hours. The last time I did this journey was about four decades ago! The scenery is spectacular, the seats comfortable, and the weather was warm and sunny. A real treat....

Hey.. wait for us! The engine change at Palmerston North.

Lunch break at Ohakune

The 'grunt' out front...

I flew back to Wellington on Friday afternoon. Next blog I will tell you what I did in Auckland, so stay tuned......

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  1. Having lived in NZ for more than 35 years, Im feeling a little ashamed that I have never done this trip. I bet the scenery is wonderful!Esp. throught the middle of the north island. I love the silk piece you dyed.