Monday, September 21, 2009

Delta Flow

Continuing with the images of my latest piece...

Some colouring in the background areas. Nothing spectacular but enough to act as a base for further applications.

Then some discharge patterning in the main blue shapes after which I decided these shapes needed a bit more 'umph'. So, during the weekend I added another layer of blue dye over the main shapes, time consuming but it has made a big difference. I have also started to add more texture to the background areas.

And now it is finished and I have to make a confession (drum roll please, da-da), this piece is actually a diptych, and herewith the two pieces together. I did two 'over the bath' dye pours with my big screen and serendipitously, portions from each seemed to work together nicely.

I have called it Delta Flow. On one of my travels to the northern hemisphere the plane flew over the northern coast of Australia. Travel from NZ usually starts around midnight so that arrival, many hours later, is at a civilized hour. For some reason this particular flight chased the sunset and I had a great view of the many estuaries along the coast. My initial dye application reminded me of the various water inlets and ponds. The dots suggest aboriginal paintings, and the red lines are the latitude and longitude lines.

32 days left now....


  1. This turned out fabulous Diana, I am "dyeing" to try it out (pun intended)!

  2. Diana - gorgeous!! But you already know that.