Thursday, August 27, 2009

12 pieces now finished

It is almost 12 weeks since I returned from the Surface Design Association conference, and my visit to Canada. I came back with the idea of working 12 equal size pieces for my exhibition in October. The size of each was determined by an existing blank screen printing frame 23 x 33cm (9" x 13"), and with the intention that they eventually get displayed as a group, three rows, four pieces in each. They have the group title of 'Out of the Print Box'. They are all worked with Procion MX dyes and the odd bit of pigment, and mounted individually over padded acid-free board.

As each was completed I blogged a detail. I have now put them as a Gallery on my blog. Click on View My Gallery, double click on single image to open up the 12, then Slide Show; sit back and enjoy.... I hope this wets your appetite for my exhibition.

As a point of interest, to get these 12 pieces I actually started a total of 24, 12 of which were abandoned at varying stages as things went awry or perhaps I just didn't like what was happening. All part of the journey....

57 days to my exhibition

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  1. I love your 12 pieces...each and every one is my favorite! Thank you so much for sharing....and I know that your exhibit will be a huge success!


    I have been attempting to publish this comment several times, but Google seems to be having another bad day. Please forgive me if my comment shows up repeatedly!