Friday, April 10, 2009

Textile Feasts

Here are some further pics of my latest piece, plus some more travel photos, once again in the old souqs of Damascus. And a little story.....

Central area discharged by random stamping

Overpainting of central area with two dye colours

Central area further discharged with bubblewrap printing. I am not particularly happy with this outcome and while continuing with other areas of this piece, I am considering how to amend it.

Quilters in Stephan's shop doing what they do best - purchasing fabrics!

Ancient silk loom still in use in Stephan's shop. A grey, with silver metallic thread, was being produced. They do about a metre a week.

Stacks of fabrics in Faisal's tiny but fascinating shop

When Princess Elizabeth was engaged to be married to Prince Philip, the Syria government sent a length of silk fabric hand woven on the old silk loom in Stephan's shop, as a gift. The white silk thread was woven with a new design of two tiny lovebirds in metallic thread. However it was not used for her wedding gown and Syria was somewhat disappointed. However, it did become Queen Elizabeth II's coronation dress in 1953. Everyone happy!
This fabric and design is still being produced today, still with the metallic lovebirds but with different colour silk threads – he showed us one in green. If I remember rightly it was not cheap!

Next Blog: where did camels stay overnight?

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