Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily Rituals

I must confess I am a complete failure at the daily drawing/sketching scenario that is often suggested as a worthwhile exercise for artists. I fully appreciate the reasons for doing this but I just sit there blankly, and then move on to other things. It just doesn't work for me. The same goes for taking sketch books and a camera wherever I go. An occasional sketch/note will appear in my handbag notebook but taking a camera around in my day-to-day life doesn't seem to fit. However, whilst overseas I seem to be able to do this successfully. Perhaps the focus is different in these situations and of course there is so much new stuff to see.
There are occasions, however, when I am quick to recognise something, especially when I am not focused on looking artistically. These things will simply 'jump out'. Fortunately, if I am away from home, I have quite a good photographic memory and am able to add the idea, image to my sketchbook when I get home. If the camera is handy, then a photo is taken and filed in a specific folder on my computer.
The other day around about midday I noticed the strong shadows under a chair on the my decking. I grabbed the camera and waited until the sun appeared from behind the clouds again – click! At the moment I have no intention of doing anything with the ideas but I thought I would share it with you.

First photo of chair and shadows

Cropped image

Second photo of chair

Cropped image, and turned. I feel the design goes better this way. If I was to use this as a basis it would still need alot more fine tuning......

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  1. Good Morning Diana,

    I keep my camera in my car, so it is usually handy if I want to fetch it.

    Doing that has the other advantage that when there's a traffic incident, I have instant access to a record of it, which has got me out of potential difficulties on at least one occasion by providing irrefutable evidence. Once the other driver saw I was photographing the cars she changed her attitude considerably! It saved me possibly thousands that time, not to mention the worry! Since then friends have put disposable cameras in their children's cars for the same purpose! Won't turn them into artists, but might keep them out of unwarranted court battles!

    Have a good day, it's going to be a hot one,


  2. What a wonderful idea Virginia! We might hope that we wouldn't need to use our camera for such purposes, but if we did, then we have a definite advantage. Will pass this on to others too. Thanks for your input. Diana