Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 here we are!

Do people still make New Year goals? Thinking ahead to the New Year is always exciting and important but how about spending some time thinking back on the past year. Can we remember what we hoped we would achieve in 2008 and did we actually manage these? Perhaps some of them? It would be a rare creature who could say that they achieved all their goals. Most of us, hopefully, managed to achieve a fair share of our 2008 goals and this is the time to celebrate them.
Being realistic about our goals is important. Some things may take a few years to achieve and it is important to recognise this. Acknowledging progress so far spurs us on to further that achievement. At the same time we should question those that we have been procrastinating about for sometime – are they really important/necessary? If not – delete them, and move on...
At the time of posting this blog we now have 363 days left of 2009! It's a great time of year. Let's hope it will be safe and creative, and that world gloom will quietly dissipate.
As many of you know, I am a keen walking and during the summer months usually manage 5 – 6 km a day. Some of these walks are with friends but others are alone. It is amazing how the thoughts surface and many a conundrum is resolved as I walk.
Because we are still in our holiday mode, today's photos are taken early one Sunday morning on one my favourite walks. I never tire of this walk and hopefully you will see why!
All the very best for 2009....

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  1. Hi Diana Happy New Year!! Where is this walk? Is it on/near the Hutt River, or somewhere else? It looks lovely.

  2. Yes Elizabeth, this walk is beside the Hutt River, in the area commonly called Belmont on the Flat, directly below where I live. it 'grounds' me everytime I walk it. A Happy New Year to you too!! Diana